Asoka (2001) Movie

A young Prince Asoka works to perfect his skills in battle and also deals with family conflict. During a struggle with one of his step-brothers, […]

The Ghost

The Ghost (2022) Movie

An ex-Interpol officer wreaks havoc and sends shock waves across the global underworld but goes missing in action, only to remerge years later, for his […]

Theera Kaadhal

Theera Kaadhal (2023) Movie

Two ex-lovers meet after a long time and their romance gets rekindled briefly. Though they ensure that their newly-found love shouldn’t affect their respective families, […]

Mem Famous

Mem Famous (2023) Movie

After a shattering event that leaves three reckless lazing youngster friends with no hope and mounting debts, the trio must finally pull up their socks […]


Vedha (2022) Movie

The Brutal 1960s Vedha and his daughter Kanaka are on a killing spree. They are being chased by a cop Rama, but they always manage […]