Crossroads (2024) MOVIE

Crossroads depicts university life in 1990s Nigeria, focusing on Eriola, Oyekan, and Fela. Eriola faces family pressure, Oyekan’s gang adds tension, and Eriola confronts false […]

Safe (2022) MOVIE

A Professional Smuggler falls in love with a lady and decides to leave the life behind. Trouble brews as he is duped of a large […]

Momiwa (2024) MOVIE

A beloved housekeeper brings joy until the wife returns, stirring tension and rivalry for affection within the family. Water And Garri (2024) MOVIE Momiwa (2024) […]

Maia (2022) MOVIE

A young woman struggles to undo a curse placed on her years ago while trying to maintain her successful career and keep the love of […]

Flaws (2023) MOVIE

Flaws is a story about a married couple, their life takes a drastic turn one night when they receive uninvited guests. The story shows how […]